Make actions as simple as ever. Full control, security and supervision of activities within the company and in relations with external persons.


Recognition of the content of scanned documents without operator’s involvement. Copy text, edit, work!


Organize documents quickly, flexibly and without unnecessary duplicates. Use a secure document archive with a digital signature.

Dozens or even hundreds of e-mails – this is everyday office life.

How to effectively supervise the flow of documents?

Forwarding messages, writing responses, downloading attachments for editing, sending commands and accepting documents – these are activities that consume valuable employee time.


  • You’re unable to control many emails for a given document?
  • You have no influence on the response time of the recipients?
  • Do you see a lack of control over messages sent outside of your organization?
  • You don’t control duplication of attachments when editing and forwarding?

…then Vario.SmartFlow is the best solution for increasing efficiency and generating savings. If message management costs are high or there is no dedicated person assigned to this process, try our solution.

Had you have enough of rewriting content from scanned documents?

Vario.SmartOCR will do it for you!

To solve business problems of our customers, we have created the revolutionary Vario.SmartOCR system.

The content of the document being recognized without the involvement of the operator is what makes our solution unique. Our recognition system will give you, among others, the ability to copy the text of the scanned document as well as edit it.

Vario.SmartOCR recognizes the content of a document scanned with a professional device (scanner or multifunctional device) as well as a photo taken with a smartphone.

Organize documentation in your organization!

Organize documents in your company, take advantage of sharing and collecting documents in the organization.

Stay one step ahead and modernize the way you work!

In everyday work, a created document goes through many versions, during which valuable data may be lost. Discover an effective system for storing and retrieving data. Increase collaboration potential and improve workflow.

Vario.SmartDocs allows you to store and share digital documents. You don’t have to worry about security issues for your documents anymore. The additional functionality of granting permissions allows selected colleagues to view confidential documents. Thanks to this, they can download important documents needed for work at any time.

Selected manufacturer’s references

Vario is a system with extensive references. It is implemented in companies of various industries and sizes. The group of clients also includes companies from the WIG20 index. Selected references are presented below.

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